Top ten things I Google at work

Top ten things I Google at work

I'm screwed if Stackoverflow or Google cease to exist.


Let's dispel the myth right away.

Software Engineers/Devs/Programmers are not wizards.

The truth is most of us use Google to search for the simplest of stuff daily.

What I actually do at work

Below is a list of the top ten things I search for at work.

You won't believe what's number one! (Apologies for my poor attempt at clickbaiting).

10. How to {...} in JavaScript

There are times when we need to use vanilla JavaScript instead of Jquery in our application. (Let's not get into the whole "Should we still use Jquery" argument here.)

Just the other day, I had to search the vanilla JavaScript replacement for Jquery's .hasClass() method.

(Kudos if you append -jquery to eliminate Jquery hits.)

// JavaScript
if (element.classList.contains('foo')) {
  // magical sprinkles here

// is the same as Jquery
$(element).hasClass( "foo" )

It was at that point I realised I am a code monkey.

9. {some-method} not working

When your code works, it's like magic.

When it doesn't, there's Google.

8. How to {special-sauce} in {insert-your-framework}

Most of the time, the answer can be found in the documentation.

Performing a Google search is much easier.

7. {some-plugin} to {do-something-magical}

I am a spectacular code wizard with the exceptional capability to translate all my amazing ideas to code.

I am a code wizard

Then again, someone else has already created a plugin for my idea...with complete documentation...written tests for...and actively maintaining it.

Let's not reinvent the wheel. Which leads us to...

6. {plugin} not working

Remember the plugin that you've downloaded and implemented in your application?

Surprise, surprise, it doesn't work.

If the plugin is popular, the issue could have been resolved.

Otherwise it's a long trip down the rabbit hole.

Down the rabbit hole

Let me save you some time.

Search for another plugin that does something similar.

5. What is {some obscure error in console}

Uncaught Error: Error at Function.createFromInputFallback (....js:16112:97)

Do you know what kind of error this is? I don't.

4. How to {do-something} in regex

RegExr is a handy tool to test Regular Expressions.

Sometimes, Google is handier.

3. Online {something-random} generator

We only have so much spare time to create mock data for testing.

The time spent doing these tedious tasks could be used for something productive, like drinking coffee or having extended lunches.

My favourite is the Random Json Generator.

2. {some-number} +-x/ {some-other-number}

Maths is hard.

It's easier to search for the answer on Google as opposed to using the calculator app on our machine.

I had to convert a scientific notation to real number the other day. (Turns out there's a Scientific Notation Converter online. Who knew?!)

Maths genius

And my number one most Googled question is..

1. How to {something-that-should-be-working-but-is-not} in IE11

Do you know the quickest way to turn a friend into an enemy for life?

Get them to support IE.

IE is useful for one thing only. To download other browsers.

On a productive day, 40% of my workload involves testing/bug fixing/supporting features for IE11 as the majority of our users are still using it.

The Good: My IE11 Google-Fu has improved tremendously.

The Bad: Everything else.

IE11 Support Group - Kelly Vaughn


I hope that this article makes you feel better if you are suffering from imposter syndrome like me.

On most days, I feel like a fraud at work.

To overcome this repulsive feeling, all I have to do is to ask my colleagues what they've been searching for.

I'll leave you with these wise words by Gilfoyle.

Stick to these three rules and you'll be fine.

Three rules by Gilfoyle

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